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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Stainless Steel and Hard Steel?

Steel can corrode fast whereas stainless steel is anti corrosive.

What are the differences between a cuticle nipper and a nail nipper? Can we use the cuticle nipper to cut nail?

While the cuticle nipper blade is small, tidy and thin which is easy to use for cutting cuticle(s), the nail nipper blade is large and thick which is easy to use for cutting hard and thick nail layer(s). If we use the cuticle nipper for nail(s), it will be blunt, damaged, and opened.

What is the meaning of numbers on the nipper blades?

Normally, the nipper has 03 jaws:

  • 12 (equal to 4mm) short blade, helps users cut small, round corners or narrow corners of the finger or toe cuticle.
  • 14 (5.5mm) medium, (points) jaws 14 and 16 help users cut outside the edge of the finger or toe cuticle easily.
  • 16 (6.5 mm) long blade.
Instructions to maintain nippers after used?

5 steps to maintain nippers:

  • After using nippers, clean dust by using Acetone;
  • Soak ¼ blade into stainless oil;
  • Apply machine oil into the nipper core for lubricating
  • Connect protective pipes to the nipper blade, put in the pack and keep in dry place;
  • Avoid to dropping and damaging to blade
  • Keep out of reach of children.